Conservation is an Investment in the Future

 Preventative action and
practical treatments will insure your collections
 last for future generations

Treatment Examples
Before & After Treatment Images
Foxing, Stain & Soot Removal
Blackened White Lead Paint Reversal
Stain Removal
Paper Discoloration Reduction
Scotch Tape Removal & Tear Mending
Examples of Conservation Treatments by Susan Filter:
Pastel Portrait by Dante Gabriel Rossetti -Delaware Art Museum
Fine Prints by Piranesi, Callot, Chagall, Dalí, Durer, Oldenberg, Picasso, Thiebaud, Cranach, Diebenkorn, Whistler, etc. 
Watercolors on Paper by French Impressionists
“Les Incas”, French scenic hand-blocked wallpaper by Zuber - Governor’s Mansion, Harrisburg
Omar Bradley's Invasion Map for the Battle of Normandy -U.S. Military Academy Library, West Point
John Wilkes Booth's Diary- Ford's Theater, Washington D.C.
Charles II's Charter giving Pennsylvania to William Penn (1681) on Parchment The State Archives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg
Empire Mine Star Roll Map- California State Parks, Sierra District
Bram Stoker's Manuscript Notes for Dracula- Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia
Historic Manuscript letters by Cortez, Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, U.S. Grant, Alexander Hamilton, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, etc.
Literary Manuscripts by Charles Dickens, Jack London, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway,
Walt Whitman, James F. Cooper, etc.