Conservation is an Investment in the Future

 Preventative action and
practical treatments will insure your collections
 last for future generations

Treatment Examples

Conservation Services

Conservation Treatments
+ Examination & Documentation:  Testing, analysis of materials and methods, identification of media
+ Removing of inferior framing materials
+ Removing old & poor restorations such as tapes and acidic
+ Surface cleaning to remove dirt and grime
+ Washing to reduce acidity and discoloration
+ Reducing stains (discoloration, mat burn, foxing, mildew, water & adhesive stains)
+ Deacidification
+ Mending tears, filling losses, & lining fragile paper
+ Inpainting losses in media & paper
+ Flattening creases, curls, and folds
Types of Materials Treated
Works of art:
watercolors & paintings on paper
prints, etchings, giclee, lithographs & posters
drawings & pastels
parchment (vellum)
Family papers
Historic wallpaper
hand-painted Chinese & French scenics
Historic artifacts:
maps & architectural drawings
diplomas, deeds & manuscripts
documents & letters
ephemera (broadsides, playing cards, postcards etc.)
On-site Consultation & Treatments
+ for private collections and archives (including storage & environmental solutions)
+ for objects too large or too delicate to move
+ for fire or flood damaged items & emergency assistance
Condition Assessments, Treatment Proposals & Cost Estimates
Preservation Assessment Surveys
+ for libraries, archives, historic houses and museums
+ to special interest groups and institutions